Drug discovery team

Our Drug Discovery Institute couples the biological expertise of international collaborators with innovative in-house drug discovery expertise. Our Institute houses dedicated biology, chemistry, pharmacology and screening teams to evaluate promising new targets. We then establish assays to screen compound libraries for hits against these targets and improve hits into potent and selective lead compounds. This provides the basis for the development of the next generation of medicines to treat neurodegeneration.


Head of Biology: Jamie Bilsland
Scientists: Sarah Jolly
Lorenza Magno
Verena Lang
Georgie Lines
Alexandra van Ingelgom
Daniel Bull (PhD Student)


Pharmacology and Screening
Head of Pharmacology and Screening: Magda Bictash
Scientists: Artur Costa
Emma Armstrong
Amy Monaghan
Skye Stuart
Fiona Jeganathan
Kathryn Costelloe
Sarah Frew


Head of Chemistry: Paul Fish
Scientists: Hannah Woodward
Ben Atkinson
Jim Sipthorp
David Steadman
Will Mahy
Elliott Bayle
Nicky Willis
Freed Svensson